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Professional Photography Exhibitions
August 31, 2018 - September 10, 2018

Holiday Festival

DIGITAL CAMERAS TODAY offer superb image quality that competes directly with film.These cameras look and act like traditional cameras with a few extra features. Tricky camera designs are quickly leaving the marketplace.

August 31, 2018 - September 10, 2018

Photo session day

Digital cameras come in a variety of forms, from point-and-shoot pocket cameras to advanced digital SLRs. There is no right or wrong type, though a specific one may be best for you and your photography.

August 16, 2018 - August 31, 2018

Mountain travel

The way to get the best photos from a digital camera is to do it right from the start. Yet there is an idea that one doesn’t need to devote much effort when you have the computer to “help.”


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