Ghulam Rasool


Flying kites, running after birds, watching clouds at sunrise and sunset, and star gazing at night has been my early fascinations. However, life took a turn when at the age of 13 years, I found my father’s Yashica Electro 35, a rangefinder camera. The observations became my obsessions, and a sunrise reflection on a roadside puddle was the first picture I captured with that camera. Without knowing, I stepped into the practical world of photography, and this is how I found myself

For me, photography is not just about taking pictures. Still, it is a way to express and communicate the photographer’s observations honestly, conveying the same emotional feeling in one frame. So for a moment, the viewer feels as the artist itself felt in that very moment

Breaking the rules and carving out a niche in nature photography in general and wildlife art, in particular, is something that I have managed to accomplish. The quest to learn the answers to life’s existence took me on journeys into the far and wild corners, and I find myself so naive and ignorant in front of the unimaginable expanse of nature.

Looking for the sacred moment in nature, I would go to any lengths for the shot of my choice and take pictures from my heart. In any form of art, the artist’s motivation reflects upon his spirit, and my work clearly shows a deep-rooted component of Nature Spirituality.


This hut is a local community school in Buri Village of #Keti Bandar and for one night it was my guest room shelter to spend the night. All day passed roaming through the #creeks in a small boat, I ended up here by the sunset. I took some biscuits and milk in the dinner because it was all chilli masala that I could see in the dim light of the bulb. I was afraid of the chillies and tried to avoid the consequences.
The fishermen had a good catch of Palla Fish and I could hear the drum beating, loud songs and claps of the dancing crowd. They were happily danced for couple of hours and their fierce #dogs were joining the party by barking in sequence. I was hardly able to straighten my back over the wooden benches. Tried to close my eyes and sleep for some time but the dogs were aware of the fact there is an outsider on their #territory and they all gathered around this hut and started barking from all sides