Ghulam Rasool



      After each round of the competition, the successful riders hold their lances with the pegs high. This is a moment of great pride and ultimate horse riding skills.


    • The Dolphin

      The Dolphin

      Humpback Dolphin showing some somersaults and acrobatic moves on the west-bay Gwadar. I feel lucky to be there to record this split-second event.  These 8 frames of the whole drama then blended to create this perfectly moving image.


      Flying kites, running after birds, watching clouds at sunrise and sunset, and star gazing at night has been my early fascinations. However, life took a turn when at the age of 13 years, I found my father’s Yashica Electro 35, a rangefinder camera. The observations became my obsessions, and a sunrise reflection on a roadside puddle was the first picture I captured with that camera. Without knowing, I stepped into the practical world of photography, and this is how I found myself.