Ghulam Rasool Photography



The purpose of creation is the most critical aspect in this universe, answering all the how and why about this diversity on earth. I can recall the moment while walking towards Ratti Gali; I was thinking about the unimaginable enormity and complexity of life around me. Kashmir is truly a place beyond visual comprehension – gushing streams of fresh water, low hanging monsoon clouds and evergreen forests.
Love Nature & Love Kashmir.

Ratti Gali Trek, AJK, Pakistan



These Giclée / Archival Inkjet Prints are prepared to the highest standards of quality to assure long-lasting print life, and to protect your investment in
fine art. Fine art printer and Pigmented inks are used to print on 100% Cotton Fibre Fine Art Papers by Ghulam Rasool, London, United Kingdom.

To properly care for your print, protect it from strong ultraviolet radiation such as direct sunlight.

With proper care and handling, your framed print will last for many generations to come.

All the prints will be hand-signed, dated, and numbered by the artist.

All copyrights in the work of fine art this certificate accompanies are reserved to the artist.